Tasia | Service Associate | CI Assante Wealth Management BC

Tasia Marescaux PFP®

Marketing & Service Associate

Tasia is a creative and innovative person who enjoys art in all forms, from visiting museums, design, drawing, or painting, to going to the theatre or even the opera. There is no wonder why she chose to focus her career in area of Marketing. Tasia has been in the Financial Services industry since she began her career, working at a bank while going to university. Tasia has been part of the Rich Widdifield Team at Assante Capital Management since 2011. She grew up in Toronto but always longed for the West Coast and moved to the North Shore shortly after university.

Tasia also enjoys traveling, the outdoors and is an avid dog lover, especially large breed dogs. Her dog, Kuma, is an Alaskan Malamute. Dogs have not been her only pet. She has also owned birds. In particular parrots, having owned, among others, a Hyacinth Macaw. The largest parrot species in the world. Tasia gives back to her community by volunteering at her community police department, heading their Business Watch program and local animal shelter, as well as a member of a women’s and local business group.